Monday, February 11, 2013

Pedalcars built by the Santa Rosa Chapter for the 2012 Death Defying Figure Eight Pedal Car Races at the bay area Maker Faire!

Todd Barricklow's #3: one wheel drive, one wheel disc brake.
Started life as a three wheel bicycle, inner hub 3 speeds.

Arn Anderson's Bunny Fluffer Racer: an amazing combination
 of reclaimed parts and  built from scratch elements, removable bodywork.

Jann Samuels: our only female builder in 2012, this is an
incredibly lightweight, fast machine. Dual front disc brakes.

Klaus Rapensperger's:  Sederholm Speedster, fast and wide, dual rear drive
and dual rear disc, all wheels are 26".

Joshua Thwaites's: Little Buddy racer. Two bastards were welded
together in the middle, one wheel drive and one wheel coaster brake.
This was the overall winner at Maker Faire 2012. Front half was a 
WRFF trike, rear was a bolt on trike rear end.

Joey Castor's: Son of ..... There is so much to say about this machine...
Tube frame, under-frame steering (kind-of), chain tension problems that were remedied by
holding the chain up with his fingers while driving, he was as much an obstacle as a racer sometimes.

Dan Kjeldsen's: # 17 racer. Built around a recycled Tricycle frames and scraps.
One coaster brake and one hand-caliper. Removable garbage can hood for extra style.

Kelly Cowan's: Carsophagus.  Plywood, the steering from an old go-cart, some plastic
rims, and the freewheel chain system that was going around that year.

This shot is from the Maker Faire 2012 races. Todd's #3, Dan's #17, and the Steamroler!

All together now.

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