Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Put on the BRAKES!?!?!?

Speaking from experience, brakes are the last thing I put on a vehicle, thats not saying its the best way to go about it, just what happens. Here are a few examples from three different cars built last year, on their way back to the course this year.

 This is Todd Barricklow's #3 racer. One wheel brake only, the left. The Aluminum spacer is through bolted onto one rim, and the bicycle disc mounts to it. The brake caliper is cable actuated, and must be tilled out of the way, in order to remove the wheel. Stopping power is a good stop, as long as the left wheel is on the ground.

This is some of the parts from the Carsophogas. Dual front disc brakes, cable actuated. Last years plastic rim is on the bottom of the stack, this years spoked rim is in the middle, and the pvc/disc/bearing insert is on top. His challenge this year is to make all 4 rims interchangeable, but the front and rear axles are different sizes. This means a custom disc plate that can be put on with 2 different bearings.... I dont know if he has it figured out yet.

The Sederholm Speedster has dual rear brakes, cable actuated. A mounting disc similar to the above one on the #3 was made out of steel, and through bolted in a similar manor. He has a similar bolt that removes to tilt the caliper out of the way. This car stops really well.

These are all bicycle disc brakes, not the cheapest approach, but a good stop. There have been some other brakes used, and they will be featured in a later post.

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